Evergreen Dakota Moon
Sire: Distinctively NW Thunderbob
Dam: Evergreen Moonbeam

Dakota is our up and coming "main man".

Dakota is polydactyl, shorthaired and has a beautiful bobcat length tail.  He has perfect eye shape, a great muzzle, incredibly large boning and a very plush, thick standout coat.  He is showing much of that coveted "old look" and we could not be happier to have him in our program.

He is currently showing in the kitten class with great success (#1 Intl. Pixie Bob kitten).

DGC Evergreen Coyote Sunset
Sire: LA SGC ExpresivePixie Frank James
Dam: PK Pixie Curlie Q

Coyote was born to mom PK Pixies Curly Q and LA SGC Expresive Pixie Frank James.

He is a short haired, straight footed boy with a perfect bob cat length tail. Coyote has a wonderfully hooded eye with a broad muzzle and deep chin. He is a very large boy with substantial boning , nice pattern and warm golden brown coloring.

Coyote really does not like the life of a stud, so we decided to neuter him and show him in the Alter class instead.